Budget 2019: Here Are 7 Numbers to Note

There are under-the-radar aspects of the Canadian federal budget that are essential to the world of impact. Here’s what you need to know.

Why It Matters

You may have heard about the big numbers that made the Budget 2019 headlines. In a fast-changing society, small-to-medium-scale dollars can help create conditions for response mechanisms to emerging opportunities and challenges. As we look ahead to the 2020s, these numbers will be crucial.

On budget day, there is a chorus of posts, speeches, and declarations of winners and losers as people across the country make sense of the 2019 numbers. A casual dip into the fray would tell you that Budget 2019 is still about investing in the middle class. Plus ça change.

Beyond the announcements of splashy investments were seven under-the-radar, potentially game-changing investments. Our team unpacked and analyzed these essential-to-understand figures. Why? Because the world of doing good is experiencing massive growth fuelled by things such as impact investing and policy innovation. It is also experiencing rapid change due to things such as disruptive technology and shifts in demographics. As well, there are a number of interconnected journeys to take over the next decade. Among them: Indigenous reconciliation, sustainable cities, income stability, gender equality, youth me

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