How 211’s data-sharing is transforming social services in Canada

Why It Matters

Most people know 211 as a 24-hour phone line available in 150 languages to help users navigate the complex network of human services — but the data this service collects are used for so much more. Find out how this data makes a lasting impact at a community level. This is the first story in our series on Innovative Local Impact, crafted in partnership with United Way Centraide Canada.

10 visionary leaders on the state of social impact in 2030

Why It Matters

The 2010s disrupted the traditional world of impact in multiple ways, and the decade brought its fair share of both fears and excitement to the field. But what lies ahead? As we dive into 2020, we asked 10 visionary social impact leaders to weigh in on the changes we can expect over the next 10 years.

How to Succeed: Top 10 Lessons from Young Impact Leaders

Why It Matters

Notions of leadership, work, and organizational culture are being reshaped in social impact organizations. With more young people entering the seeking purpose-oriented careers, these leadership tips from the ground are very different from what you might find in management books.

How an art installation changed the mental models of addiction

Why It Matters

Governments of all levels have struggled to address the high rates of opioid misuse and addiction and the startling number of opioid-related deaths in Canada. There are innovative approaches gaining traction that could hold the key to making advancements in communities.