First of its kind: New culture, faith-led Winnipeg circle to tackle challenging social issues

Why It Matters

Municipalities across Canada are struggling to deal with issues around poverty and homelessness. Winnipeg thinks the city's religious and cultural leaders could play a bigger role in finding solutions.


Charities relieved after Canada Revenue Agency says additional reporting for ‘internal trusts’ not needed

Why It Matters

Some charities had feared new Income Tax Act rules would require them to provide additional reporting that was difficult to collect and could hamper fundraising. But experts say these concerns have now been alleviated.

Artscape CEO says Launchpad failure caused receivership: Globe and Mail

Why It Matters

Ever since Artscape announced its receivership in September, Toronto’s arts sector has wondered what caused the well-regarded institution’s failure.

The City of Montreal is establishing data partnerships with community organizations - are they ready?

Why It Matters

Data sharing and interoperability can provide a more robust view of a community and specific wellness / prosperity indicators. However, it also risks breaching the privacy and trust of community members who have not consented to having their data used this way. Data governance frameworks ensure that all organizations collecting and sharing data between them are doing so with the common good in mind.