Can community safety groups replace (some) policing?

Why It Matters

Overpoliced communities are turning to grassroots organizations, often run by volunteers or underpaid workers, to keep the peace. Making space — and funding — for alternative public safety models could save lives.

Here’s how BIPOC youth-led nature groups are adding colour to the great, white outdoors

Why It Matters

Many racialized youth face barriers to accessing nature, but bridging this gap can improve their physical and mental health, and also help bring more Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) into Canada’s very white environmental sector.


What you missed: Seven actionable tips for funders from Philanthropic Foundations Canada’s annual conference

Why It Matters

Canadian philanthropy is under scrutiny post-pandemic. Calls to raise the disbursement quota, change philanthropic practices in order to shift power dynamics, and more promise to change the landscape of the sector in the coming years.