Charting the Changing Nature of Giving in Canada

Giving is changing in meaning and method. Do we really understand its implications?

Why It Matters

If the potential exit of a third of donation revenues from the charitable system over the next decade happens, critical life-saving and life-enhancing services provided by charities across the country would be in jeopardy.

From the gig economy to importance of social capital, there are emerging trends that recent reports on giving in Canada touch on. Here is what’s worth keeping an eye on.


The sixth global Giving Tuesday took place in November 2018. Leading up to it, two notable recent reports: 30 Years of Giving in Canada by Imagine Canada and Rideau Hall Foundation, and The Giving Report 2018 by Canada Helps, make cases about the overall decline in giving.

A key difference in the structure of the research is that the Imagine Canada report looks at the last 30 years (a generation), and Canada Helps this past year (with notable references to year-to-year comparables).

What Ch

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