Modernizing the Charitable Sector: the Scoop on What You Can Expect in 2020

Why It Matters

For years, Canada’s charities have faced frustrations over the lack of communication with the federal government. In August 2019, the government formed the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector (ACCS) to create ongoing dialogue with the sector. ACCS co-chairs give us invaluable insight into what to expect in 2020.


4 Critical Changes Foundations Must Make To Thrive

Why It Matters

To meet today’s challenges, philanthropic foundations need to fundamentally change how they work. We spoke to foundation leaders to find out exactly how to make that change happen, by promoting diversity, being more transparent, and more. This article is crafted in partnership with Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC).

Episode 6: Can non-profits rebuild public trust with data?

Why It Matters

Around the globe, only 57 percent of people say they trust NGOs. However, 78 percent of people say they trust technology. In an age where trust in technology beats trust in NGOs, what does it mean to rebuild trust? We sit down with Antonio Zappulla, CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

What You Missed at the 2019 Philanthropic Foundations Canada Symposium

Why It Matters

To solve global and local challenges, there’s a fast-growing need for philanthropic foundations to collaborate with other sectors. We partnered with Philanthropic Foundations Canada to explore the benefits, risks, and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

Why Cross-Sector Collaborations Keep Going Wrong (& How To Fix It)

Why It Matters

Foundations must work with other sectors to find solutions to the biggest issues facing us today. But collaboration is notoriously difficult. We explore some of the biggest risks, and how foundations can avoid them. This article is the second of a three-part series exploring the future of philanthropy in partnership with Philanthropic Foundations Canada.