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Is the internet a public resource worth protecting for the next generation?

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There’s a lot of talk, about protecting resources like water, forests, and languages for future generations. Is the internet worth protecting in the same way? Future of Good publisher Vinod Rajasekaran sits down with Mark Surman, executive director of Mozilla to talk about what a web worth protecting looks like, and how it needs to change to get there. Part of Future of Good’s Tech and Philanthropy series.

How We Do It: The Seemingly Impossible Challenge of Building Software as a Charity

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More than 20,000 charities in Canada rely on the technology CanadaHelps has created. But building software is expensive, and difficult to do on the budget available to a charitable organization. How do they do it?

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Here's how 3 Canadian tech companies are reinventing philanthropy

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The tech sector is one of the biggest drivers of new wealth in Canada. In this Member Exclusive series, we continue to unpack how tech companies are creating new types of structures to give back, beyond conventional foundations and programs — and why this trend is essential to understand to take advantage of an emerging tech philanthropy landscape.

Are Tech Philanthropists Leaving Out Local?

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In this series, we unpack why tech philanthropists may favour backing ambitious, large-scale global issues as opposed to supporting local community issues — and why this trend is essential to understand when examining the new philanthropic landscape.

The Inside Journey of Benevity, the Platform Democratizing Corporate Giving

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Welcome to our series, Launch Plan, featuring deep dives into the founding stories, journeys, and decisions behind game-changing organizations and projects shaping the world of doing good. We’re continuing our series today with Bryan de Lottinville, founder and CEO of Benevity.


Why It Matters

The tech industry is booming in Canada, and with industry growth comes new injection of philanthropic capital. In this series, we unpack how the tech sector is shaping a new philanthropic landscape, and why this emerging donor market is essential to understand.