More Canadians now rely on food banks than at any other time in Canadian history. Are we at a breaking point?

Why It Matters

Twenty-two per cent of Canadians plan to access charitable services over the next six months — up from 14 per cent last January — just to meet basic needs, including food. Only systemic change can shift the burden — but will change come before the breaking point?

Canada’s first 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan makes big promises, but does it go far enough?

Why It Matters

Most 2SLGBTQI+-serving organizations currently rely on project-based financing and volunteers, which can lead to burnout and instability. Predictable funding has the potential to grow the capacity of 2SLGBTQI+ non-profits and social enterprises.

Coalition of Ontario organizations calls on Ontario political parties to create a provincial 2SLGBTQ+ secretariat and commit to $25 million in funding for the sector

Why It Matters

Ten percent of reported hate crimes target 2SLGBTQI+ people, and hate is still on the rise in Canada. 2SLGBTQI+ safety, health, and human rights needs to be a policy priority in the 2022 Ontario election.