8 big ideas for encouraging young Canadians to fight against gender inequity

Why It Matters

Studies have shown that COVID-19 could set back progress on domestic and global gender equity by decades. From an increase in gendered violence to rising unemployment rates among women, it’s more important now than ever to fight against gender inequity.

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative is thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic — here’s how

Why It Matters

YPI offers students the chance to not only learn about issues within their community, but see the impact that philanthropy has on local charities. Many school-based programs are currently shut down to the pandemic at a time when charities are needed more than ever, but YPI’s model is quite resilient.

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Canada is ranked 30th of 38 countries on child and youth wellbeing — and the pandemic is making it worse

Why It Matters

Children and youth are among the most impacted by the pandemic, with rising rates of poor mental health since the crisis began and new protocols for schooling threatening quality education for many. Considering Canada was already lagging on child and youth wellbeing pre-pandemic and non-profits serving youth have been hit hard, too, the country has a major problem.