Here's how to better support women living on low income, according to Families Canada

Even though Canada has award-winning financial literacy programs, they are not fully accessible to many women living on low incomes

Why It Matters

Revealing barriers to accessing financial aid and solutions social impact organizations are trying to create across multiple sectors can help improve systemic barriers to women’s economic resilience

Content warning: This story mentions domestic abuse. 

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When DUCA Impact Lab began screening participants for their escalator loan pilot program, they did not have a gendered focus – at first. 

DUCA’s goal was to assess how predatory loans were impacting people with lower incomes by replacing high-interest payments with their flat rate loans. They worked with a credit counselling non-profit to identify clients who would be a good fit for the program – people with high debt and low credit scores, but whose income could potentially chip away what they owed if they weren’t constan

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