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Indigenous Friendship Centres are 70 percent women-led

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Ending the digital disparity

When the pandemic hit, social impact organizations were far less prepared than anyone could have anticipated — for many reasons, but arguably the biggest: they didn’t have the digital tools nor skills to continue their important (even lifesaving) work online. The good news? There are organizations that innovated along the way, and you can learn from them through the stories in this collection.


Indigenous innovation

Stories of innovative solutions and impactful work taking place in Indigenous communities.

Navigating the world of social finance

New to social finance? Here’s what you need to know about this powerful new approach to investment that puts impact at the forefront.

Thought Leadership

"The Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector let down charities and communities by not recommending a disbursement quota hike."

By Kylie Adair

Why it matters?

The number of cases of COVID-19 in Indigenous communities is rising, and the impacts — exacerbating already crisis-level rates of mental illness among Indigenous youth, for instance — have been devastating since the beginning. If the philanthropic sector wants to help, it needs to use this moment to completely transform how it operates.

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