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Canada's Social Finance Fund: What Now?

Two years ago, the Government of Canada announced the Social Finance Fund, $755 million over 10 years, meant to power innovative approaches to our country’s persistent and complex social challenges. Enter: a global pandemic, and a moment of introspection, responsibility, and opportunity for the fund. What now? This is a members-only special report.

The Future of Gatherings

Featuring data stories, analysis, commentary, and interviews, this special report takes an in-depth look at the changing nature of gatherings in the social impact world at a time of physical distancing. It shines a light on job changes, accessibility, and what we can learn from promising practices so far.

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6 ideas to try at your next virtual event

Why It Matters

Running a digital gathering is vastly different compared to an in-person conference or workshop or gala. Few social impact organizations had experience with digital events before the pandemic. And with the second wave, the future of in-person events remains uncertain.

How building stronger team dynamics boosts organizational resilience

Why It Matters

During the coronavirus pandemic, many social change organizations are grappling with how to adapt to the new normal. For some, investing in leadership training has been key in fostering the resilience needed to thrive during these unprecedented times. This is our first story in a series with Innoweave.

Canada’s social impact sector needs a professional childcare system

Why It Matters

One of the biggest barriers to women re-entering the workforce after the COVID-19 pandemic is a lack of decent childcare. Roughly three-quarters of all Canadian nonprofit sector workers are women. An exodus of qualified staff, alongside the increased workload for social services, could be disastrous for both nonprofits and their service users.

New Economy



This Montreal project is helping citizens take the lead on community development

Why It Matters

A project in Montreal is flipping the philanthropic model on its head, by enabling community members to be the ultimate decision makers. The Collective Impact Project is helping 17 neighbourhoods in Montreal fight against poverty and social exclusion through a unique model. This article, our seventh in a series with United Way Centraide Canada, highlights the journey and learnings of this collaborative project.

Why diversity and inclusion are essential to social innovation

Why It Matters

A majority of Canadians believe that diversity and inclusion are key factors in what makes Canada’s culture uniquely innovative. In partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation, we look at how three social impact leaders are building Canada’s culture of innovation through inclusion.

How Friendship Centres are Preparing for a Possible Second Coronavirus Wave

Why It Matters

Friendship centres across Canada say they are supporting Indigenous people who have nowhere else to turn, as they face discrimination from mainstream service providers. Yet, the National Association of Friendship Centres says the government has not prioritized Indigenous voices, which is essential in planning how to build back better.