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In the next decade, nearly three quarters of Canadian small business owners will retire – businesses worth over $1.5 trillion.

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Transforming Funding Models

Future of Good Editorial Fellow Gabe Oatley explores the ways social impact organizations are funded to do the work they do — and how those funding models are changing rapidly post-pandemic. From shifting philanthropy’s power dynamics to the next generation of donors, we dive in. Supported by United Way Centraide Canada and Community Foundations of Canada.

Thought Leadership

"It turns out, Canada’s journalism industry is not very different in diversity from its philanthropic and non-profit sector counterparts."

By Yonis Hassan

Why it matters?

Forty percent of charities are still seeing their revenues decline following COVID-19’s onset. Almost 1 in 4 charity leaders say they don’t think their organizations will be able to stay open for another year. Communities rely on the services these organizations provide, and demand for many such services will only increase post-pandemic.
By Kylie Adair

Why it matters?

The number of cases of COVID-19 in Indigenous communities is rising, and the impacts — exacerbating already crisis-level rates of mental illness among Indigenous youth, for instance — have been devastating since the beginning. If the philanthropic sector wants to help, it needs to use this moment to completely transform how it operates.

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