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7 digital tools to support your mental health during COVID-19

Why It Matters

In pre-pandemic society, one in five people in Canada personally experienced a mental health problem or illness. Today, many in the social impact world face increased stress levels while also being cut off from their usual sources of support, like in-person therapy or coaching. Digital solutions are more needed now than ever.

What Canada can learn from global tech non-profits pivoting to address COVID-19 needs

Why It Matters

As the social impact world tries to adapt to the impacts of COVID-19, organizations are pivoting and re-tooling to help with relief efforts. Here’s what Canadian non-profits can learn from these eight organizations about pivoting, and zeroing in on where they can make the most impact right now.


The $350M fund for charities and non-profits has launched. Here’s how it works.

Why It Matters

With charities and non-profits across Canada struggling for volunteers and experiencing surging demand, the rollout of the federal government’s $350 million emergency funding charitable projects comes not a moment too soon. The fund’s support for local initiatives and its inclusion of non-qualified donees could be an effective way of reaching vulnerable Canadians, partner organizations say. But without a much larger stabilization fund in the long-term, much of the social impact sector might not survive the pandemic.

How the CEO of one of Canada’s biggest food retailers is rallying community during COVID-19

Why It Matters

While small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges, those in the business community who do have the means to contribute to relief efforts have an important opportunity to help mitigate some of the virus’s effects on society, says Mohamad Fakih, founder of the Fakih Foundation, Paramount Fine Foods, and the Canada Strong campaign.

Give5 pledge sets the bar far too low for Canadian philanthropy’s response to this crisis

Why It Matters

The Give5 campaign, which asks Canadian foundations to bump their disbursements from 3.5 percent to 5 percent in response to the COVID-19 crisis, has the potential to unlock $700 million for Canadian charities. But what about the other 95 percent of foundations’ endowments?



How Drop-In Centres in Winnipeg are Working Together to Support Families

Why It Matters

Cities throughout Canada face pressure to meet the needs of families with low income, who lack resources for food security, education, and mental well-being — and this pressure will only continue to grow post-COVID-19. United Way Winnipeg’s partnership with the Government of Manitoba is an example of flexible funding that’s fostering innovation in family support. This is our fourth story in partnership with United Way Centraide Canada.

Post-secondary students are graduating into a recession — here’s what that means for the social impact sector

Why It Matters

Compared to the general population, recent graduates are particularly hard hit by economic downturns, experiencing long-term reductions in wages, employment, and even higher mortality.

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Innovation in Arctic communities

How much do you know about the philanthropic scene in Canada’s North? If you’re like many Canadians, not much. But local initiatives that build meaningful, reciprocal relationships with communities are changing the philanthropic landscape in the North — and there are valuable insights the rest of us can learn from their work.

Innovative Local Impact

The world of social impact is in the midst of rapid change driven by shifts in demographics, emerging technologies, and donor behaviour. How does Canada maximize on these opportunities? From growing community data, sharing community intelligence, innovative partnerships and disaster recovery, this series dives into local and sparking innovation in partnership with United Way Centraide Canada and highlights local initiatives across our nation with other local United Ways. We touch on the journey of these innovations, its scalability, and what actions are needed to sustain long-term growth and impact in our communities.

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COVID-19 and its effects on the social impact world

In our special coverage, we bring you news, unexpected solutions, and examine the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the social impact sector, the systems we live in, and on our society. We dive into social safety nets, philanthropy, gendered effects, mental health, technology, racism, social finance, frontline work, and more. Valuable insights to help your organization understand, navigate, and adapt to new normals.