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Biden 2021: The new President’s influence on Canadian social impact

Featuring insights on these and more topics, this special report gets to the heart of what Canadian social impact professionals, funders and entrepreneurs should expect from at least four years of President Joe Biden.

Canada's SDG Strategy: What Now?

How are the SDGs and rebuilding the social impact sector interconnected? What will it take to fulfill Canada’s commitment to the SDGs within a post-COVID reality? How will we know when we make progress? Who’s at the decision-making tables on SDG strategy? Who’s pushing for action and change from the grassroots?

Canada's Social Finance Fund: What Now?

Two years ago, the Government of Canada announced the Social Finance Fund, $755 million over 10 years, meant to power innovative approaches to our country’s persistent and complex social challenges. Enter: a global pandemic, and a moment of introspection, responsibility, and opportunity for the fund. What now? This is a members-only special report.

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Global development post-COVID

For much of the past year, the world’s focus has been on COVID-19 — but the clock’s ticking on the deadline for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and humanitarian crises don’t pause in a pandemic. This collection catches you up on how global development has adapted and changed since March 2020.




Opinion: White saviourism is the backbone of the social impact sector

Why It Matters

The social impact workforce is overwhelmingly white — for instance, StatsCan recently found that only 11 percent of charity board members are visible minorities. Meanwhile, the issues these organizations work on disproportionately impact racialized communities. The result? White saviourism — and in many cases, more harm than good.

The social impact world is far from immune to anti-Black racism. Here’s my story.

Why It Matters

The social impact world has a duty to root out systemic racism — both for the racialized professionals working in the sector and for the racialized communities it’s trying to serve. The problem is that many white leaders of organizations doing good see their work as inherently anti-racist. This is not the case.

10 Black leaders in social impact you should know

Why It Matters

Black leaders are underrepresented in most, if not all, parts of the social impact world — from tech for good to corporate social responsibility to philanthropy. For instance, a recent study by the Foundation for Black Communities found that Black-led non-profits receive a minuscule amount of philanthropic funding in Canada. But there are Black leaders transforming the world of impact, regardless, and their stories are important.

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Full video: Celina Caesar-Chavannes on why (and how) you should act now on anti-racism

Why It Matters

It’s been nine months since Minneapolis police killed George Floyd and the current iteration of the global Black Lives Matter movement emerged. Canadian governments and civil society institutions made big commitments to anti-racism, but change requires more than talk.

Canadians don’t know enough about their own Black history — these organizations are changing that

Why It Matters

With Black Canadians often missing from history books and school curriculums, non-profits and other organizations are tasked with keeping their stories alive. These organizations not only recall history, but also ignite discussions about Black history that last well beyond February.