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Everyone's Problem: Climate Change and the Social Sector

Climate change is your problem. It’s everyone’s problem. Climate change is not simply an ecological crisis. It has vast implications for human wellbeing, and therefore requires the attention of all social purpose organizations — including and beyond environmental NGOs.

Giving Tuesday 2020: What's Changed?

Where does this leave traditional fundraising strategies? How should organizations adapt? What will the giving culture look like in 2021, and beyond?Featuring insights from leaders in the giving, philanthropy, and fundraising spaces, this special report takes a close look at how Giving Tuesday 2020 plays out — and what to watch for throughout 2021.

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Building a tech and data-savvy social sector

No one expected millions of social impact workers to start working online all at once, and the shift is revealing serious gaps in the development and delivery of programs and services — a result of inadequate technology and data literacy, capacity, and resourcing. What would a sector-wide tech upgrade look like? What will it take to get there? Read these stories to complement the Future of Good plenary on building a tech and data-savvy social sector.

Top 10 Future of Good Stories in 2020

2020 — what a year. In this time of pandemic and rapid change, stories help us understand what’s happening around us, and the new choices ahead of us. This was our second year at Future of Good — this year, we crafted and published more than 250 stories, covering everything from the effects of COVID-19 on the social impact world to this year’s anti-racism movement to jobs of the future and more. Here are our top 10 stories in 2020. These include our most insightful reads, most widely shared, and ones that sparked debate.

Youth, social impact work, and mental health

Today’s young people are looking for purposeful careers. At the same time, post-pandemic, many young Canadians face increased stress levels and have been cut off from their usual sources of support, like in-person therapy or coaching. What would it look like to better integrate mental health into purpose-oriented work? Read these stories to complement the Future of Good Summit plenary on youth, social impact work, and mental health.




4 lessons from a successful social enterprise on merging purpose and profit

Why It Matters

If today’s businesses would like to compete in an increasingly socially capitalist world, they’ll need to learn how to advance social capitalism within their own organizations —processes and values that have kept them ethical, sustainable, and more affordable than their competitors. This story is in partnership with the TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good.

Non-profits want to work with people, not tell them what to do – but how does that work in practice?

Why It Matters

Social research and development, like R&D in any sector, brings new tools and strategies that can improve people’s lives. As COVID-19 completely disrupts business as usual, there may never be a more important time to reimagine how they work.

New Economy



Medical racism against Indigenous communities remains rampant. How can a COVID-19 vaccine be deployed equitably?

Why It Matters

The Canadian government is promising a smooth rollout of approved COVID-19 vaccines to everyone who wants one. But even the best logistical systems will be irrelevant if Indigenous peoples, who are considered especially vulnerable to COVID-19, are reluctant to be vaccinated due to a history of medical racism.

This grassroots group supports COVID-19 survivors around the world. Here’s what Canada’s social impact sector can learn.

Why It Matters

About 386,000 Canadians have recovered from COVID-19, and another 76,000 have active cases. With potential long-term physical, mental and even social impacts of having survived the virus, these hundreds of thousands, and many more, will likely need support for years into the future — and social impact organizations could support their recovery in a number of ways.

The pandemic revealed this massive blind spot in elder care

Why It Matters

Senior care in Canada is a complex and disconnected system. After the pandemic, experts believe the elder-care system needs to take a more holistic approach that connects the social service of long-term care more closely to the medical system. This story is produced in partnership with SE Health, a social enterprise dedicated to impacting how people live and age at home.