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Canada's Social Finance Fund: What Now?

Two years ago, the Government of Canada announced the Social Finance Fund, $755 million over 10 years, meant to power innovative approaches to our country’s persistent and complex social challenges. Enter: a global pandemic, and a moment of introspection, responsibility, and opportunity for the fund. What now? This is a members-only special report.

The State of Crowdfunding in Canada

Today, crowdfunding funds everything from artistic projects on Kickstarter to community fundraisers. And now, social enterprises and non-profits are using this form of financing to avoid the hassles of venture capital or tedious grant applications. Crowdfunding is democratizing capital in new, exciting ways.




Non-profits want Trudeau to scrap the Canada Student Service Grant. Here’s why — and where the money should go instead.

Why It Matters

A political scandal is forcing the federal government to rethink its $912-million program for student volunteers, but non-profits say it was doomed from the start. Facing $15.6 billion in lost revenue and unprecedented demand on their services, charities and non-profits say they need more support from Ottawa. But where should the money be spent instead?

New Economy



What does it mean to build an anti-racist social impact sector? Here are five ideas.

Why It Matters

The world of social impact is facing a reckoning with privilege and power: global Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the #MeToo movement, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, among other movements for social justice are prompting the sector to take a look at its own systems of oppression. But buzzwords and lip service aren’t enough — there needs to be deep, structural change, said the speakers in a Future of Good panel on the topic.

Three ways social impact organizations can better communicate with autistic people

Why It Matters

Canada is home to as many as 670,000 autistic people, many of whom find group settings overwhelming. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many social good organizations are hosting meetings with coworkers and clients over video conferencing apps, but haven’t thought about how to include autistic people.

The social impact sector is “a microcosm of social exclusion,” says this founder

Why It Matters

With Black Lives Matter ushering in new momentum for racial justice, community builder Candies Kotchapaw says the non-profit sector requires an overhaul in leadership. In Canada, more than half of charities and non-profits do not gather data on employee diversity, according to a 2018 study. In order to truly serve marginalized Canadians, non-profits must prioritize racial diversity, particularly in management, says Kotchapaw.