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Women's Economic Resilience

It’s two and a half years into the pandemic and the she-cession — the disproportionate impact on women and non-binary people — is still top of mind for many Canadians. What exactly have those impacts been? And who are the organizations and activists working to get us back on track on gender equity?

Supporting women's equality

The social and economic gains on gender equality women have worked for decades to achieve is vanishing before their eyes. For this International Women’s Day, Future of Good is highlighting our stories featuring powerful solutions for a women-centered pandemic recovery—from feminist recovery plans to coverage of economic inequalities. 

Anti-racist social impact

2020 changed the mainstream conversation on systemic racism. While BIPOC activists and professionals have been working to decolonize and make anti-racist social impact work for many, many years, some organizations finally began to listen. This collection catches you up on our coverage of anti-racist work making the social impact sector better.

Thought Leadership

"What might we consider doing differently to reduce or mitigate the potential harm from the way in which we structure our testing, iteration and experiments in communities (aka social innovation)?"

By Yonis Hassan

Why it matters?

Forty percent of charities are still seeing their revenues decline following COVID-19’s onset. Almost 1 in 4 charity leaders say they don’t think their organizations will be able to stay open for another year. Communities rely on the services these organizations provide, and demand for many such services will only increase post-pandemic.

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