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What Canada can learn from global tech non-profits pivoting to address COVID-19 needs

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As the social impact world tries to adapt to the impacts of COVID-19, organizations are pivoting and re-tooling to help with relief efforts. Here’s what Canadian non-profits can learn from these eight organizations about pivoting, and zeroing in on where they can make the most impact right now.

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Is the internet a public resource worth protecting for the next generation?

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There’s a lot of talk, about protecting resources like water, forests, and languages for future generations. Is the internet worth protecting in the same way? Future of Good publisher Vinod Rajasekaran sits down with Mark Surman, executive director of Mozilla to talk about what a web worth protecting looks like, and how it needs to change to get there. Part of Future of Good’s Tech and Philanthropy series.

4 Tech for Good Startups That'll Help You Get Out of Debt

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A gap exists between financial health and literacy, with four in 10 Canadians reportedly struggling on some or all aspects of their finances. Yet, many hesitate to talk about their finances or seek advice, while 62 percent of Canadians are simply unaware of where or who to turn to even get that financial advice. Four Canadian tech for good startups are here to tackle this social challenge.


The Difficult Economic Side-Effects of COVID-19 for Women

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Women make up 60 percent of Canadians living in poverty and are overrepresented in industries of precarious work. As COVID-19 and social distancing continue to disrupt our economy, women will see the most devastating effects.

11 ideas from non-profit CEOs on how the federal government's aid package can be better

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COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to Canadian non-profits, social enterprises, and charities. Fundraising efforts are on hold, meanwhile, many are seeing increased need for services and having to figure out how best to protect their frontline staff. These CEOs share their ideas on the measures the federal government can take to support non-profits through this crisis, and make them less vulnerable to future crises, too.

COVID-19 is accelerating our move to digital — charities must act now to keep up

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A shift toward digital ways of working, delivering services, and fundraising has been a long-time coming in the social impact world. But social distancing has accelerated it — and organizations that aren’t prepared won’t be able to keep up, writes Marina Glogovac, President & CEO of CanadaHelps.


Not on the frontlines of COVID-19 relief? Here’s what your organization can still do to help.

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COVID-19 is an all-hands-on-deck crisis. Whether your organization is on the front lines providing services or not, it’s essential to ask yourself and your team these questions to make necessary contributions to relief efforts.

Three Companies Leading Corporate Community Engagement in Canada

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Today’s employees expect the businesses they work for to move beyond the traditional model of donation-based corporate giving. Three Canadian businesses – Deloitte Canada, TD Bank, and IG Wealth Management – are listening, and changing the way they give back.

How to empower: 10 young impact leaders’ best advice for employers

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The next generation of social impact leadership has arrived, and its members have fresh perspectives on work and organizational culture. To help employers keep up, we asked Future of Good's Young Impact Leaders for their very best piece of advice for employers looking to harness the innovation and energy young people have to offer.

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Innovation in Arctic communities

How much do you know about the philanthropic scene in Canada’s North? If you’re like many Canadians, not much. But local initiatives that build meaningful, reciprocal relationships with communities are changing the philanthropic landscape in the North — and there are valuable insights the rest of us can learn from their work.

Innovative Local Impact

The world of social impact is in the midst of rapid change driven by shifts in demographics, emerging technologies, and donor behaviour. How does Canada maximize on these opportunities? From growing community data, sharing community intelligence, innovative partnerships and disaster recovery, this series dives into local and sparking innovation in partnership with United Way Centraide Canada and highlights local initiatives across our nation with other local United Ways. We touch on the journey of these innovations, its scalability, and what actions are needed to sustain long-term growth and impact in our communities.

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COVID-19 and its effects on the social impact world

In our special coverage, we bring you news, unexpected solutions, and examine the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the social impact sector, the systems we live in, and on our society. We dive into social safety nets, philanthropy, gendered effects, mental health, technology, racism, social finance, frontline work, and more. Valuable insights that help your organization understand, navigate, and adapt to new normals.