Story Ideas

Not a freelancer, but have an idea for a story about innovative social impact work your or another organization is doing? Send any information — press releases, announcements, reports, etc. — to our editor, Shannon VanRaes, at

Want to write for Future of Good?

Future of Good is looking to expand our network of freelance writers. Do you have experience in journalism? Are you interested in covering the Canadian social impact world? If so, send us a pitch.

To note: Our rates vary from story to story, but start at a minimum of 50 cents per word. Future of Good believes in the power of great journalism — and we know that means paying great journalists fairly. 

Pitches should be sent to our editor, Shannon VanRaes — she can be reached at All pitches should include: 

  • A clear summary of what the story is about and why the angle you’d like to explore is unique;
  • a 3-4 line summary of ‘why it matters’ — see our stories for examples;
  • if the story you’re pitching takes place outside of Canada, please explain clearly why it is useful to our audience of Canadian social impact professionals;
  • links to or a summary of research you’ve done on the topic/story; 
  • a list of sources you’re in contact with or planning to contact;
  • and links to your previous journalistic work.

*Please also include the word PITCH in caps in the subject line. 

Some themes we’d love to read pitches around include: 

  • How is COVID-19 impacting the social sector? What will be needed for recovery and regeneration? How is COVID-19 changing the ways charities, non-profits, social finance organizations, grantmakers, and social enterprises operate, raise, invest, and grant money, and serve their communities?
  • How is COVID-19 impacting society more broadly? How is this crisis impacting the populations social impact organizations serve and advocate for — racialized communities, women, Indigenous communities, youth, seniors, or people at the margins?
  • How is COVID-19 impacting the systems we live in? In what ways is it illuminating gaps in social safety nets, education, economic stimulus, philanthropy, information accuracy, and digital infrastructure? 
  • What unexpected solutions of sharing, caring, and supporting in communities are emerging in response to COVID-19? What are the examples of organizational adaptation or resilience?