2024 YOUNG

30 Changemakers To Watch For

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Celebrate Intrapreneurs: Game-Changers Within Organizations.

While entrepreneurs often steal the spotlight, let's not forget the unsung heroes: intrapreneurs!

These bold individuals inside existing organizations are making waves with innovative practices, initiatives, and policies. They're challenging the status quo and driving social impact in crucial areas like inclusion, youth engagement, technology, climate, and health.

That's why Future of Good proudly presents our 30 Young Impact Leaders To Watch! This annual list shines a light on these 30 amazing Canadians who are pushing boundaries and making a difference, day in and day out. Discover their inspiring stories in five key areas:

  • Inclusion: Building a more equitable and inclusive world.
  • Youth Engagement: Empowering the next generation.
  • Tech for Good: Leveraging technology for positive change.
  • Climate & Environment: Protecting our planet for the future.
  • Health & Well-Being: Promoting healthy and thriving communities.

Get ready to be inspired by their game-changing work and join us in supporting the next generation of intrapreneurial changemakers.


Youth Engagement

Health & Well-Being

Climate & Environment

Tech for Good

A special thanks to our selection committee:

Shawna Peddle, Associate Vice President, Citizenship

The Co-operators Group Limited

Allison Tam, Manager, Content and Activations

Royal Bank of Canada

Erica Procter, Founder & Executive Director


Cheralyn Chok, Executive Director

Propel Impact

Dela Wilson, Founder and Principal

Axle Impact Studio