Our Obsessions

As part of our journey to launch, we travelled across Canada on a listening tour.

Our conversations with entrepreneurs, public servants, activists, grantmakers, frontline professionals, corporate citizenship teams, executives, passionate amateurs, and philanthropists gave us more than enough to obsess about. These are the handful of tracks that is driving our work currently. We believe these themes are of immense significance and consequence to doing good in the 21st century. A bit about each:

Platforms, Places, and Spaces
From open innovation websites to social purpose real estate, how we meet, learn, create, incubate, and work is being reimagined. What’s working, what’s not, and what’s promising?

Inclusive Capitalism and Markets
Decentralization, impact investing, platform co-operatives, localism — what’s next in the role of markets and business in stewarding more inclusive growth?

Emerging Technologies and the Human-Data-Machine Relationship
Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are creating a world of possibilities in impact — what are the applications and implications?

Canada’s Social Impact Role in the World
Canada is recognized for innovations that made a difference to global challenges in the last 50 years, but what do the next 50 hold? We track SDGs and profile Canadian innovations that could massively enhance global well-being.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Decolonizing Impact
Canada is at the beginning of a journey toward a reconciled relationship with our Indigenous peoples. How can the world of impact embody and practice decolonization and reconciliation every day?

Social Impact Work: Today and Tomorrow
We explore automation, career transitioning, fellowships, and mental health as we boost capabilities of impact-focused individuals and organizations.