Vinod Rajasekaran

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Anouk Bertner

Managing Director

John White

Managing Editor

Thi Dao

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Julie Ma

Marketing Manager

Marja Monteiro

Digital Marketing Specialist

Diana Marchand

Operations and Finance Manager

Naqiyah Telia

Project Specialist

Shannon VanRaes

News and Features Reporter

Gabe Oatley

Reporter, Transforming Funding Models

Sharlene Gandhi

Reporter, Digital Transformation

Tahmeed Shafiq

Reporter, Community Resilience and Transitions

Diane BĂ©rard

Reporter, Social Finance

Jeff Tribe

Reporter, Workforce Development and Volunteerism

Elisha Dacey

Copy Editor

Global Advisory Circle

Ana Serrano

President & Vice Chancellor, OCAD University

Anna Laycock

Former CEO, Finance Innovation Lab

Antonio Zappulla

CEO, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Danielle Graham

Venture Partner, Aligne Capital

Ilse Treurnicht

Scientist, Business, and Innovation Executive

Kunal Gupta

CEO, Polar

Matt Stanley

Director, BDC Capital

Panthea Lee

Executive Director, Reboot

Sarah Noble

Director of External Relations, The New Humanitarian

Toby Heaps

CEO & Publisher, Corporate Knights