After a month packed with Black History Month events, Kween is drained and exhausted. 

“I’m so often finding myself overworked,” said Kween, owner of The Kween Company in Guelph, Ont., a support and advocacy hub for local Black-owned businesses.

People working in Canada’s non-profit sector are less satisfied in their jobs than their private sector counterparts, according to a recently released report.

“When I looked at the results, they were quite striking in terms of just how much lower job satisfaction was in the non-profit sector,” said the report’s author, Steven Ayer.

In late 2023, Maggie’s Toronto, a non-profit organization advocating for the rights and safety of sex workers, was consumed by a raging fire.

“It struck us so quickly,” said Executive Director Ellie Ade Kur.

“Within a span of hours, our entire two-storey workplace was gone.”

Kelle Greene has seen a lot in her 33 years at the Winnipeg Humane Society, but it wasn’t until organizational restructuring brought the animal lover into close contact with difficult cases that she started to notice her mental health was being impacted.

“I had become attached to a couple of animals, and then, as we sometimes do, we had to make the really tough decision to euthanize them for humane reasons,” said the director of foster and volunteer services.

How do you deal with persistent stress, microaggressions, anxiety, burnout and the early onset of chronic illness when your non-profit or business doesn’t have the full resources to help?


Women’s Economic Resilience

It’s two and a half years into the pandemic and the she-cession — the disproportionate impact on women and non-binary people — is still top of mind for many Canadians. What exactly have those impacts been? And who are the organizations and activists working to get us back on track on gender equity? In advance of the Future of Good Women’s Economic Resilience summit, this collection gets you up to speed on all this and more.

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