Membership FAQs

1. How much does membership cost?

Individual Monthly Membership: $14.99/Month plus tax. Start your monthly membership.

Individual Annual Membership: $119.88/Annually plus tax. Start your annual membership.

Team Membership: Whether you are leading a team in CSR, are part of a non-profit or charitable organization, or you’re a foundation looking to keep your team supported and informed as they lead your social innovation, Future of Good has several team membership packages for groups of four or more to keep it affordable and impactful. Contact to discuss. Team plans are about 50% less than monthly membership. Many work out to less than $5.00 a month per person and are billed annually. Download our Team Membership overview here.


2. What happens once I become a member?

As soon as you join, you’ll receive your first welcome email to guide you through signing up for our monthly networking call, you’ll receive access to all of our content on, an invitation to join our member community Slack, and several other member resources. In addition, your 3x weekly member emails will start rolling into your inbox.


3. How do I log in to my Future of Good account and/or make changes?

You can access your profile and read articles on Future of Good by clicking “Sign In” at the top of every page. Enter your email and password, then click your profile icon >> Edit profile. To make changes to your account,  scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Subscriptions”. A popup will appear that will allow you to change your email address, password, and modify your subscription(s).


4. How do I change my email address?

We use both a membership platform and MailChimp to deliver your member experience. You only have to change your email address in your account on in order to change it in both places.

Enter your email and password, then click your profile icon >> Edit profile. To make changes to your account,  scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Subscriptions”. A pop-up will appear. Go to the “profile” option and update your email address there.

Note that changing your email address through Mailchimp will be updated with our membership system each day. In order to permanently change your email address, please log in to


5. Can I switch from a Monthly membership to an Annual one?

Yes. Click Change plan here or from the Edit profile page, and clicking Subscriptions once logged in. You’ll be switched to the new plan immediately and charged a prorated amount. 


6. Why Future of Good membership?

A Future of Good membership helps you learn as fast as the world is changing. A membership gives you all-access to the library of content on our site, networking opportunities with members across the sector, access to a dedicated Slack channel only for Future of Good members, and more. 

Your membership also supports our content. We do not have advertising or popup ads. Instead, we polled the community who told us they would rather support our content with subscription-based memberships, and we listened! Your contribution supports our team of staff, writers and our ongoing development of public webinars, Twitter chats and events for the social impact sector.

Our 3x a week emails provide deeper insight into our stories, a personal take on what the stories mean from our Editor, Publisher and Community Specialist, and serve as a preview of what the future of social impact holds in the coming weeks and months.


7. Can I gift a membership?

No, not yet – but we are working on this feature.


8. I am a Plan Manager and looking for resources to invite team members and set up my account.

Welcome! Here’s our Plan Manager how-to.

If you need resources to onboard your team, check out our Team member how-to here.


9. Can I cancel?

Yes, you have the ability to modify your membership at any time from your profile page. See “how do I access my account” above. You can cancel at any time and your remaining time on your subscription will continue until it expires, one month from your last payment. You will not be able to get a refund or return any “time” remaining on the account. 

Thinking about canceling your membership? Transformation only happens with your continued commitment to growth and development. If there’s anything we can do to empower you to continue your journey as a member—give us a chance to make magic happen. Let Future of Good know at

If membership isn’t working for you, we’d love to know why and you can tell us here. Or, feel free to reach out to us at


10. Can I pause my membership?

No, we cannot pause memberships. 


11. Do you offer refunds?

Future of Good offers a 60 day money back promise. If you’ve tried our membership for 60 days and have not learned anything new or made any new contacts, or are not finding the benefits of membership, we will gladly refund your membership. Email us at to discuss.


12. I still have questions. Where can I get help?

Contact us by email at and we’ll figure out how to best help you.