How to Succeed: Top 10 Lessons from Young Impact Leaders

Shaping the organizational cultures required for creating lasting social change.

Why It Matters

Notions of leadership, work, and organizational culture are being reshaped in social impact organizations. With more young people entering the seeking purpose-oriented careers, these leadership tips from the ground are very different from what you might find in management books.

As part of our series on the changing nature of social impact work and leadership, we asked Future of Good’s 2019 Young Impact Leaders for the most invaluable lesson they’ve learned on the job. 

From identifying invisible power dynamics, to habitually shaping and re-shaping organizational culture, here are the 10 most important things they’ve learned along their journey. 

Strike a balance between the old and the new. 

Too much change all at once can be exhausting, creating fatigue and disengagement. When exploring ideas and solutions at the office, Paige Reeves’ advice is to “try to get the right mix of the old, the new — and a dash of surprise.” It’s important not to dismiss what came before you, and understand what structures have shown promise over

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