The federal government is giving $100 million to women’s organizations. Will it end the ‘shecession’?

Anjum Sultana shares whether the fund measures up to YWCA Canada’s Feminist Economic Recovery Plan

Why It Matters

Experts say COVID-19 has set back progress on Canadian gender equity, from workforce participation to gendered violence and more. Meanwhile, the organizations meant to support women and change sexist systems are struggling themselves. A $100 million project-based fund is helpful, but is it enough?

The Liberal government’s newly announced $100 million Feminist Economic Response and Recovery Fund is a definite win for Canadian organizations supporting women and nonbinary people, says Anjum Sultana, director of public policy and communications at YWCA Canada, but it might not be enough — or structured in an optimal way — to dig the women’s rights and support sector out of COVID-19’s devastation. 


What is the fund?

Announced February 11, the Feminist Economic Response and Recovery Fund will dole out a total of $100 million to organizations working on three key objectives: “economic security and prosperity” for women and girls, promoting women’s leadership, and “ending gender-based violence.” 

The fund’s focus is on initiatives that aim to create systemic change, defined as addressing or removing “the root barriers pr

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