11 ideas from non-profit CEOs on how the federal government's aid package can be better

Emergency funding and long-term support

Why It Matters

COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to Canadian non-profits, social enterprises, and charities. Fundraising efforts are on hold, meanwhile, many are seeing increased need for services and having to figure out how best to protect their frontline staff. These CEOs share their ideas on the measures the federal government can take to support non-profits through this crisis, and make them less vulnerable to future crises, too.

Last week, the federal government announced $82 billion in aid for businesses, non-profits, and individuals impacted by COVID-19 social distancing recommendations. But many in the social impact sector — including Imagine Canada CEO Bruce MacDonald, speaking with Future of Good — have said it’s not enough. 

Non-profits are struggling through this crisis — from frontline service organizations working to meet increased demands while protecting their staff from the virus to others whose operations have been put on hold and are facing an unprecedented challenge on the fundraising front. 

Future of Good reached out to close to 20 non-profit CEOs for their ideas on how the federal government can help the social impact world through this time, beyond the measur

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