20 tough questions social sector leaders would ask federal candidates in an election debate

From global vaccine equity to affordable housing here at home, these leaders have big questions for the politicians hoping to lead us out of COVID-19

Why It Matters

Issues directly related to social impact work rarely get much airtime during the campaign trail, let alone during formal debates — which are a chance for Canadians to parse out the nuances between the parties’ platforms, and ultimately choose which way to vote.

This election is, perhaps predictably, turning out to be hinged on who has the best plan for getting Canadians past the devastation of COVID-19, from strengthening healthcare systems to mental health action plans to how to go about securing access to childcare for those who need it. Not to mention ending the pandemic itself, which is still more actively raging in many parts of the world — namely lower-income countries. These are all things the social impact world cares about and works to address every day.

But social impact work as a sector itself rarely gets much airtime during the campaign trail at all, let alone during formal debates. So, we asked 15 leaders — working in sectors from social services to philanthropy to global development — what’s one question you’d ask all the party leaders t

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