20 under-the-radar highlights from the latest federal budget

Monday’s federal budget is a treasure trove of investments in Canadian communities, as well as the social impact sector itself.

Why It Matters

You may have heard about childcare, climate, and other big themes that made the Budget 2021 headlines, but plenty of other proposals within its pages will create conditions for emerging opportunities and challenges.

Whenever a federal budget is tabled in the House of Commons, there are always programs or initiatives that don’t get any airtime on the nightly news. 

A long-awaited national childcare program, renewed support programs for struggling small businesses, and investments in green economic development ate up most of the commentary on the April 19 federal budget. But planned investments in disaggregated data for racialized communities, changes to the asset disbursement quota, and a recovery fund for Canada’s arts and sports sectors — and much more — never made the front page. 

After the tumult of Monday’s coverage died down, Future of Good’s editorial team pored through the federal budget’s 739 pages for juicy details that Canada’s social impact sector should know about, but may have missed. Here are 20 below the radar points that are essential for the soci

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