Know a young leader driving change?

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Future of Good is excited to announce the call for nominations for our 2019 list of 21 Young Impact Leaders.

Canada was recently announced to be the top country to be a social entrepreneur by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. However, social change also needs to come from inside existing organizations. Young leaders aged 20-39 are driving social impact from within non-profits, governments, co-operatives, foundations, businesses, and academia. 

These ‘intrapreneurs’ are creating and leading ground-breaking initiatives. Just like entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs are daring, creative, and have a vision for change. They mobilize their fellow employees, while also meeting their organizations’ mission.

Future of Good’s 21 Young Impact Leaders list profiles the stories, journeys, and leadership insights from some of Canada’s most audacious young people doing good.

We are looking for young leaders driving change from inside existing organizations to feature in this series. 

Know a young impact leader who we should profile? Nominate them today (takes two minutes). Deadline is November 29, 2019.

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