Know a young leader driving change inside their organization?

2021 Young Impact Leaders List Presented by RBC Future Launch

Future of Good is excited to announce the call for nominations for our 2021 list of 21 Young Impact Leaders.

Throughout the pandemic, young people have stepped up to help their communities. But social change doesn’t just happen at the helm of new projects or startups — it’s also happening every day inside existing organizations. Young people aged 20-39 are driving social change and pandemic recovery from within non-profits, governments, social enterprises, co-operatives, philanthropic foundations, businesses, academia, and more. 

These ‘intrapreneurs’ are creating, supporting and leading ground-breaking work. Just like entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs are daring, creative, and have a vision for change. They mobilize their fellow employees, while also meeting and pivoting their organizations’ missions.

Future of Good’s 21 Young Impact Leaders li

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