2022 Briefing: 11 societal transitions that will rock the social impact world

What is normal? I couldn’t stop thinking about this in the past few weeks. Normal is a pretty loaded word, I know, considering we’re in the middle of the Omicron wave, but I was curious how quickly our dfaults can change. I glance at my daughter who is sitting across from me as I write this, reluctantly doing online school, and I can’t help but think what is becoming normal for her. From touching elevator buttons with your elbow to watching rocket launches every week to talking about reconciliation with her class — even seeing an electric car charging is normal for her but is novel for me. Then there are the not-so-good things that are becoming normal, like going years without hugging grandparents, not being able to play wind instruments, and the boom of bottled water because public water fountains are closed (I’ll get into that later). 

In 2020, we experi

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