3 Challenges for Canadian Foundations in 2020

Challenging your philanthropy in 2020
var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"3 Challenges for Canadian Foundations in 2020. January is a useful month for setting challenges, both for people and for organizations.\u00a0Your new challenge may be one; it may be several. It may be an extension of a previous strategy or it may be a new stretch. Regardless, the exercise of reflecting on a challenge for the year ahead is useful because it inevitably raises questions of what matters, and where to have impact. I suggest that there are three challenges where Canadian foundations could have significant impact in 2020. A foundation can choose to be active in one or more. All three, in my opinion, raise issues that matter, and all are ripe for more foundation funding.\u00a0All matter greatly to our future. The first challenge is\u00a0digital me

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