3 Radical Ideas From the Senate that Nonprofit Leaders Should Know

How can we fuel funding and innovation in the charitable sector?

Why It Matters

The charitable and nonprofit space has been thirsty for innovation for a while — but long been limited by the governmental regulations and restrictions boxing it in. Three recommendations from the Senate Special Committee on the Charitable Sector, however, could change that. Centre for Social Innovation founder and CEO Tonya Surman weighs in.

Canada’s not-for-profit organizations are fuelled by two million employees and another 13 million volunteers across the country. Joining them are the 254,000 (and growing!) people working in Canada’s social enterprises

I am always so blown away by the dedication and ingenuity that comes out of our sector. Every day I see people struggling to make change in a system set up to reward for-profit ventures while treating our space with scrutiny and suspicion. I challenge any corporate leader to do what this sector has done, and I often imagine what it would look like if we’d had fewer barriers and more support. 

Well, maybe the next not-for-profit with a big idea won’t have to imagine it.


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