3 Ways the Canadian Justice System is Failing Women (& How We Address It)

How national women's organizations are tackling three pressing issues.

Why It Matters

As cultural perspectives shift, so do a country's expectations of its governance and systems — so it's not entirely surprising that in July, Canada’s federal government announced nearly $2 million in funding to help advance gender equality in Canada’s justice system. But exactly where is that inequality showing up most, and how are national women’s organizations tackling these issues?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"3 Ways the Canadian Justice System is Failing Women (& How We Address It). In July, the Government of Canada announced that it would be investing close to $2 million in national women\u2019s organizations to help women in Canada receive more equitable treatment and greater support from the country\u2019s justice system. The funding sounds like a solid step forward, but for many Canadians, there\u2019s a lack of understanding of what goes on in courtrooms and the justice system overall, only highlighted when issues bloom big enough to make it into national news.\u00a0 So what exactly is this funding being put towards, and what are the issues it\u2019s tackling? According to experts from national women\u2019s organizations across the country, there are thr

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