4 Tech for Good Startups That'll Help You Get Out of Debt

Making financial health healthier

Why It Matters

A gap exists between financial health and literacy, with four in 10 Canadians reportedly struggling on some or all aspects of their finances. Yet, many hesitate to talk about their finances or seek advice, while 62 percent of Canadians are simply unaware of where or who to turn to even get that financial advice. Four Canadian tech for good startups are here to tackle this social challenge.

The stark reality for Canadians today is that 46 percent of us are $200 or less away from financial insolvency at the end of the month, with 45 percent reporting that they will have to go deeper into debt in order to pay off their living expenses. Research has also identified a link between financial and mental health, with the most ‘financially vulnerable’ scoring lower on mental health measures —

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