5 tips on going digital from the CEO of the world's first and only tech non-profit accelerator

Transitioning to a virtual world

Why It Matters

With 82 percent of social impact organizations digitizing some or all of their services, many organizations cancelling fundraising events, and a massive drop in donations, Canada’s social impact sector is facing a reckoning. Fast Forward founder and CEO Shannon Farley shares five ways non-profits can use tech to support their beneficiaries and scale their impact.

For most non-profits in Canada, the arrival of COVID-19 dramatically changed the course of their day-to-day operations — as well as what they could expect from the year ahead. Four months into the pandemic and some of Canada’s leading charities, including the Canadian Cancer Society and Diabetes Canada, are forecasting 40 to 50 percent drops in revenue this year alone. Most non-profit employees are working from home. And 82 percent of organizations — across all social impact sectors — are digitizing all or some of their services.

With no clear

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