5 Ways to Avoid Burnout Working in Social Impact

Setting healthy boundaries in place.

Why It Matters

As families send children back to school and work ramps up for the fall season, many social impact professionals will dive into increased workloads — and risk burnout. To help sidestep work stress, The Burnout Project’s Leah Bae and Zoya Jiwa walk us through five ways to implement healthy work-life boundaries.

Fall is in the air. As the leaves change colour, so do the colour palettes of our full calendars.

As we bid farewell to generous hours of daylight and welcome a season of fresh starts and transitions, it’s helpful to consider how we might proactively carve out space and time to protect and recover our energy.

Instead of putting our foot on the accelerator and hoping that we have enough fuel to make it to our destination without breaking down, what if we plan pit stops on our journey to ensure that we’re thoroughly enjoying the ride, relishing the view with our people, and thriving instead of just barely getting by? (Obviously, we’re not machines and shouldn’t pretend to be, but you get what we’re saying.) In the social impact sector, howe

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