7 digital tools to support your mental health during COVID-19

Apps to help you through physical distancing

Why It Matters

In pre-pandemic society, one in five people in Canada personally experienced a mental health problem or illness. Today, many in the social impact world face increased stress levels while also being cut off from their usual sources of support, like in-person therapy or coaching. Digital solutions are more needed now than ever.

As COVID-19 has spread across Canada, many in the social impact world face uncertainty: charities nationwide have had to lay off staff, and employees who remain on payroll are in many cases working from home, with less resources and higher public demand for their services. And in their personal lives, many are dealing with the added burden of social isolation, homeschooling children, and worrying about their families’ and friends’ health.

It’s a trying time — and on top of the added stress, most simply don’t have access to mental health support through traditional, in-person channels. Already, on any given year in Canada,

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