75,000 fewer donors have made a gift online through CanadaHelps this year

Compared to last year, 9 per cent fewer donors made a gift through the CanadaHelps platform.

Why It Matters

Many Canadians rely on charitable services amidst the rising cost of living. However, whether charities can fulfill these needs depends on the amount of donations they receive

Amidst increases in the cost of living, about 75,000 fewer donors have made a gift on Canada’s largest online giving platform compared to last year. By Dec. 3 last year, about 825,000 donors had contributed to a charity through CanadaHelps. This year, that tally has fallen to about 750,000 donors — a nine per cent decline. “We’re seeing people who are giving to charities in the past tightening their belts,” said Duke Chang, CanadaHelps’ CEO.

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