8 Companies Showing CSR Leadership in Response to COVID-19

Corporate social responsibility in times of crisis

Why It Matters

As governments and civil society work on overdrive to respond to COVID-19, corporate social responsibility is taking exciting, unexpected forms. Many large companies are stepping up to support communities in tangible ways, proving that the purpose of business is changing to include a positive social impact.

Corporate social responsibility has often played an important role in times of crisis. When fires swept through Fort McMurray in 2016, companies rallied: Suncor Energy used its online network to update residents on evacuation procedures and assist those fleeing; Airbnb coordinated emergency housing. WestJet evacuated hospital patients as needed and used flights to send supplies. Labatt Breweries shipped 69,000 cans of water to assist efforts — part of an emergency relief program they’ve had in place since 2012.

Over the past 20 years, quick, coordinated corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives have helped lessen the impact of crises on both a local and global level. Corporations responded on a

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