A federal election could be called any minute. What will it be about?

It’s summer and that means going places. A couple of weeks ago, our family went on a beautiful two and a half hour drive to take in the landscape of Mont-Tremblant in Québec. We chose to take the scenic route all the way and I can tell you, the Laurentian Mountains are an incredible sight. As we drove up and down the twisty roads and passed a number of villages and towns, I thought a lot about road trips. It’s one of those quintessential North American things, part of our culture, you could say. Many folks I know, including my parents, drive for hours just to drive, to take in landscapes — and enjoy their cars. All of this made me think about the automobile, our relationship with it, and the profound transition that is happening this decade. 

And that transition is electrification. 

Every major automobile manufacturer, from GM to Volkswagen has announced plans

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