A “huge number” of non-profits have been victims of cyberattacks, risking the data of vulnerable groups, according to a new working group.

Cyber and data breaches can result in damage to a non-profit’s reputation and erode community trust.

Why It Matters

41% of Canadian small businesses that were victims of a cyber attack said it cost them at least $100,000 to recover from. The same is likely true of community organizations and small non-profits, although this is an area that has been severely under-researched. Without adequate security measures, community organizations could be exposing their clients to risks associated with cyber and data breaches, such as identity theft.

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At the end of 2022, the team at Scouts Canada had been winding down in time for the Christmas break. With just over a week to go, on December 17th, the organization’s online registration platform, MyScouts, experienced a data breach: a ‘bad actor’ ha

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