“We don't need to reinvent it, we just need to scale”: How digital transformation for non-profits can accelerate

Mapping out how Canada’s social sector is bridging the digital divide for communities and non-profits

Why It Matters

COVID-19 forced charities, non-profits, and communities to roll up their sleeves to adapt digitally the best they could — but without a space to look for resources and learn from each other, a sector-wide digital transformation will remain fragmented.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"\u201cWe don\u2019t need to reinvent it, we just need to scale\u201d: How digital transformation for non-profits can accelerate. This story is in partnership with Technovate. See our editorial ethics and standards here.\u00a0 \u00a0 Digital inequity is not a new problem. The conversation around it has been ongoing for years, and only ramped up even more since the pandemic made the issue, like it has with many others, stark. Communities across Canada have been dealing with the lack of connectivity, poor know-how and unaffordable access to technology, while non-profits are battling the same issues within their own organizations. \u00a0 Many experts are now saying it\u2019s time to move past just having this conversation and onto implementing solutions f

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