Activists Are Using Bitcoin To Make Protest Art. Here's Why.

The increasingly decentralized nature of protests parallels the changes in technology.

Why It Matters

As a multicultural country with a global diaspora, Canada is uniquely positioned to support the voices of oppressed communities from a place of safety. However, as a hub for blockchain innovation, Canada can not only support but also build the technologies that will reduce corruption, promote freedom, and protect citizens worldwide.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Activists Are Using Bitcoin To Make Protest Art. Here\u2019s Why.. Art has always played a pivotal role in social protest. From the murals on the Berlin Wall to more recent pieces by famed street artist Banksy, artists have used this public form of expression to express their disapproval with the status quo in their communities and the world. Most recently, we\u2019ve seen this during the Hong Kong protests, where citizens adopted Bruce Lee\u2019s famous phrase \u201cBe Water\u201d to describe their decentralized and fluid protest style. But what is most revolutionary about the art used in Hong Kong is the way it is distributed. In past protests, posters were plastered on walls or printed and handed out like postcards, but Hong Kong\u2019s tech-savvy prote

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