Aid organizations stand by Feminist International Assistance Policy after scathing Global Affairs Canada audit

Canada spends approximately $3.5 billion each year on feminist international assistance programs

Why It Matters

Empowering women and girls doesn’t just build equality, it fights climate change, promotes human rights and lifts families out of poverty. But tracking progress has proved challenging.

Organizations working to support the rights of girls and women around the globe are voicing support for Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy after the release of a scathing report by the country’s Auditor General.

“The launch and the implementation of the Feminist International Assistance policy has been a huge undertaking,” said Kate Higgins, CEO of Cooperation Canada, an umbrella group for organizations working in international co-operation and assistance. “We know that Canadian international assistance is helping save and change lives around the world every day.”

But a report tabled by Canada’s Auditor General, Karen Hogan, in late March found incomplete and missing files made it “impossible” for Global Affairs Canada to “to accurately track and report the overall outcomes of funded projects against the goals stated in the pol

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