A New Online Platform for Quebec's Social Economy

Rethinking the flow of ideas between practitioners

Why It Matters

Social impact practitioners have long known that collaboration and peer learning are vital to their work. Persistent challenges have been accessible technology, intentional community curation, and a compelling invitation. A new platform in Quebec looks to blend these three ingredients, transforming how practitioners work.

Everywhere, from rural villages to urban centres, inspiring actions are multiplying around food security, climate change, community services, and civic sense.

These social innovations, anchored in a local context, bode well for the future of positive transformation in communities.

That being said, most of these initiatives are not widely known or happen in isolation, meaning the necessary synergies needed to transfer these models to other cities, sectors, or territories, often don’t come to pass.

Knowledge moves glacially and expertise becomes lost when ever-present silos persist. These conditions stunt collaboration, scaling, and social impact growth.

A new social impact network from Quebec called Passerelles, looks to ameliorate these challenges through the development of

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