Announcement: Future of Good, Alliance2030 and Together|Ensemble partner up to explore Canada’s progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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It’s been almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada, and the crisis has exacerbated many social issues — the growing digital disparity, racism, gender inequality, and more. It’s also slowed down progress for some movements  — environmental resilience, climate justice, and water conservation, to name just a few. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework for countries to address all these intersecting issues. But it seems like few are paying attention to that framework anymore. Why? 

There’s lots to unpack here. Have governments and civil society followed the SDGs’ mantra, ‘Leave no one behind’? Where are we in our decade of action, as the framework calls it? Are we on track? How exactly did the pandemic derail our progress? Did it speed up progress in other ways? How might the SDG framework apply to a post-COVID world?

Future of Good is excited to collaborate with Alliance2030 and Together|Ensemble over the next year to explore these questions. We’ll kick off this exciting partnership at the Together|Ensemble 2022 conference (taking place today and tomorrow) as we highlight daily insights and takeaways to deepen your understanding of progress on the SDGs and how Canadians, Canadian governments, and Canadian civil society can contribute. We’ll also publish a series of stories highlighting changemakers working toward a better 2030. 

If you want to attend the conference today, it’s not too late. Register here before 10:00 AM ET.

Progress on the SDGs requires unprecedented cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation that touches all aspects of Canadian society. By working together, we can put in place the transformations needed to achieve the ambitious agenda of the SDGs.

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