Announcing #BraveTransition, Future of Good’s new editorial direction.

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Coming out of COVID-19, a new era of impact is emerging — and there’s no going back. 

Social impact is decolonizing. It’s becoming actively anti-racist, not just passively inclusive. It’s moving to the online world. It’s being funded in entirely new and creative ways. It’s becoming data-conscious. It’s incorporating climate justice, not as an afterthought, but as a central mandate. And so, so much more.  

Changemakers working across the social impact world are at the forefront of these brave transitions. These are changemakers like you, working solo or in teams across the country, who believe that a vastly more resilient society and sector are both possible — now. 

Your momentum is energizing. Your momentum is unstoppable. And Future of Good is here to capture it.  

We’re also here to help you navigate the transitions ahead. You want to learn about what’s emerging — and what to do about what’s emerging. You want to know who’s driving change, who’s creating the opportunities ahead, and how you can advance the causes you care about in more effective ways — in your community and globally. You want to connect with allies and learn from peers beyond your region, your sector, your discipline, and industry. You know that returning to normal is not an option.

You want to become a better, more informed changemaker.

Over the next year, Future of Good’s focus on a #BraveTransition is about insightful, inclusive, and provocative storytelling. It’s about celebrating changemakers making headway on tough challenges, and it’s about making meaningful peer connections and hosting learning experiences that help you flourish and grow in a social impact world that’s changing faster than ever before.