Annual update: One year after launch of the Canadian Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change, has there been any progress?

Organizers say many of the signatories are still in the phase of convincing their boards of the connection between their work and climate change

Why It Matters

It’s estimated that the amount of funding needed to address the climate crisis is in the trillions. And all the complex issues social purpose organizations work on will be exacerbated by climate change, says Devika Shah, executive director of Environment Funders Canada.

Image via the Canadian Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change 

It’s been one year since a group of major philanthropic networks called on Canadian foundations to commit more funding and advocacy power to climate justice.

The call came in the form of the Canadian Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change, a pledge foundations could sign to demonstrate their commitment to taking the climate crisis seriously. It’s the Canadian arm of a global network of such pledges, called the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change. 

Jean-Marc Mangin calls it “the most important joint initiative we’ve launched since I’ve been at PFC.” Mangin is the CEO of Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC), one of the four networks that make up the Commitment’s steering committee (the other three

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