Anouk Bertner appointed Executive Director

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I’m thrilled to announce Anouk Bertner’s promotion to Executive Director. 

In this capacity, Anouk will have a deeper role in shaping and leading Future of Good’s mission and trajectory. She will co-lead Future of Good with the CEO and offer executive direction to day-to-day management, business performance, program and partnership strategies, financial health, talent, culture and operations. 

Anouk is an exceptional analytical thinker, mobilizer and problem solver. Every day, she sees the nuances and systemic angles in every organizational situation and scenario. Over the past year, Anouk’s executive leadership has resulted in a number of positive step changes, including overall financial health, systems and policies, program management and team culture. She also continues to lead the way in scaling the organization’s infrastructure, business performance, hiring, and operations. 

Anouk’s leadership also led to the growth and traction of some of Future of Good’s signature learning programming, including the 2023 Social Finance Forum and the 2023 Black Leadership in Social Impact Summit. Anouk is one of the few leaders I’ve come across in my career who balance expectations of excellence with centered care and team wellbeing. She has led the way to model the type of workplace Future of Good wants to see in the social purpose world, expanding health benefits to all part-time, contract and full-time team members, introducing unlimited paid wellness days, compensating interviewees, and a whole lot more. 

Anouk has a heightened sense of the systemic changes required in the social purpose world for changemakers and organizations to create the lasting change they want to see. It takes a high-quality leader to both appreciate the sector’s challenges and struggles and call out business-as-usual behaviours and orthodoxies that keep teams, boards and systems stuck. Anouk has a strong vision for enabling a smarter social purpose world. Her deep passion for justice and innovation shows up when Anouk speaks in public settings and her internal leadership. She is a committed leader who can oscillate seamlessly between player, captain and coach. 

As Executive Director, Anouk will lead Future of Good’s overall business performance and financial health, organization-wide user experience, refining our impact model, charting the course for realizing our strategy for the next five years of growth, and continue leading the organization’s pace-setting journey to be a workplace of choice that centres both wellbeing and excellence.

Join me in congratulating Anouk. 

Vinod Rajasekaran

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

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