Social impact organizations can help stop anti-Asian hate in Canada. Here’s my story.

“I was experiencing misogyny. And I was experiencing xenophobia. I was somehow being both sexualized and hated for my race.”

Why It Matters

Anti-Asian hate is happening in Canada, too — in both blatant and subtle ways. The Vancouver Police Board, for instance, reported a 717 percent increase in reported anti-Asian hate crimes this year. Social impact organizations are well positioned as leaders in their communities — both in dollars and in influence — to stop anti-Asian hate.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Social impact organizations can help stop anti-Asian hate in Canada. Here\u2019s my story.. I was twelve years old the first time I was harrassed on the street. I was walking down a road in my small neighbourhood in Ottawa with my friend, who was also Asian, when three men in their mid-20s in a car pulled up beside us and said \u201cHi Asian cuties. We\u2019re looking for some kung pao chicken tonight. Me love you long time. Where you from? I bet you\u2019re Japanese. Are you Japanese?\u201d I remember feeling shock, confusion and being completely frozen on the spot \u2014 not able to speak or move. We were only in grade seven after all. This would be the first of many encounters like this in the years to come. In the past two decades, I have had men come

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