How Arctic Fresh is Tackling Food Insecurity in Canada’s North

Community solutions in action

Why It Matters

Food insecurity remains a major issue in Canada’s north, with prices of items sky-rocketing by the time they reach under-served communities. One social enterprise, Arctic Fresh, has built a solution, and is successfully providing fresh, affordable goods to 13 under-served communities. How do they do it?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"How Arctic Fresh is Tackling Food Insecurity in Canada\u2019s North. There are findings that report First Nations, Inuit, and M\u00e9tis adults across the North have five to six times higher levels of food insecurity than the Canadian average. Nearly 70 percent of Nunavut residents live in a state of food insecurity. Similar rates have been documented in northern Ontario, while more than 60 percent of on-reserve Indigenous households in Northern Manitoba are food insecure.\u00a0 Food prices can be two to three times higher in Nunavut than in southern Canada. With a long supply chain, often times running from Toronto to Winnipeg to Igloolik, and then to other communities, items not only have a decreased shelf life \u2014 they also increase price at every c

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