Are B Corps the future of Canadian business for good?

Shifting focus for a new economy

Why It Matters

After the United States, Canada has the highest number of B Corps — for-profit companies certified by an independent organization as socially and environmentally responsible — in the world. Is the B Corp movement the future of business for good? As consumers increasingly demand transparency and ethical behaviour from the companies they support, B Corps are a new and impactful group with potential to shake up the entire social impact sector. The first in our member-exclusive series on Canada's B Corp movement.

In 2019 alone, 61 companies became B Corporations — for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit U.S. organization B Lab as successfully balancing social and environmental responsibility with profit. After the United States, Canada has the highest number of these certifications in the world. Canada currently houses 276 B Corporations (B Corps) as of 2020, according to B Lab.

In 2009, FlipGive became the first Canadian company to receive its B Corps distinction. The Toronto-based funding app, which raised $5 million in a series A funding rou

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