Are Product Donations Actually Philanthropic?

A trend that’s shaping the next decade of giving

Why It Matters

No industry will be left unchanged by technology, including philanthropy. With titans like Google and Box providing ‘free accounts’ to charities and non-profits, how is modern-day giving evolving? In this series, we unpack how the tech sector's product donation trend is shaping a new philanthropic landscape, and why this is essential to understand.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Are Product Donations Actually Philanthropic?. \u00a0 If you work in the social impact world, chances are you've heard of TechSoup: a platform supporting non-profits and charities by providing access to discounted and donated software. To date, TechSoup has helped the Canadian non-profits save over $362 CAD million in technology investments. As a non-profit, TechSoup itself benefits from the free or discounted services provided by tech companies. One of these is Box, a cloud storage and content management service. By leveraging Box\u2019s free accounts for charities and non-profits, TechSoup has driven up its earned income, and has even raised $500K USD to fund projects such as the ICT4NGO : a tool helping non-profits in their digital transformation.\u

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