The Changes That Artificial Intelligence Will Bring to the Social Sector

AI for good (and not-so-good) has already arrived

Why It Matters

When we speak about AI, we’re not talking about some far-off future. AI has already fully arrived both in Canada and around the world, and it is already impacting society — from the way we feed our families down to the way crisis line workers do their jobs. James Stauch and Alina Turner continue their series on AI and social impact.

At some point in the coming decades, experts predict we’ll reach the “technological singularity” — the point at which artificial intelligence abruptly triggers runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. A technological singularity could take us down a range of possible scenarios for humanity, from the harrowing enslavement or extinction of our species to the exhilarating possibility of becoming an incalculably more powerful and omniscient species, perhaps even conquering mortality itself.  

It would be naïve, if not downright ignorant, to think that the social sector is not already profoundly impacted by these changes. Our daily lives are algorithmically augmented and assisted in countless ways already, from our Netflix-viewing

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