Three leadership insights from one of my cherished mentors

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Three leadership insights from one of my cherished mentors. \u201cA valuable contribution doesn\u2019t necessarily need to come in the form of smart answers, it can also be good questions.\u201d This was one of the many nuggets of wisdom from Barbara McInnes, a visionary changemaker and one of my most cherished mentors.\u00a0 Barb passed away early in the morning on July 1 after a long battle with colon cancer, at 77 years old.\u00a0 Barb co-founded the Ottawa Community Foundation with her father in 1987. She then led the Foundation from 1991 until she retired in 2014. Barb was also instrumental in forming and developing Community Foundations of Canada, the umbrella network for approximately 200 community foundations across the country. She was deeply involve

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