21 social impact-obsessed people share the best book they read in 2021

From non-fiction to children’s books, 21 recommendations for your holiday and new year reading

Why It Matters

Learning is essential to good social impact work, and books — whatever genre — are one big way to expand your perspective.

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we ask social impact-focused people — changemakers and members of the Future of Good team — for the best book they read in 2021, and why.

As Future of Good Editorial Fellow Gabe Oatley says of their recommendation, “Not all ‘social impact’ books are how-to guides.” This list proves that — spanning poetry, essays, fiction, children’s literature, and, yes, some traditional non-fiction. Good luck picking just a few to read over the holidays. 


Resisting Canada: An Anthology of Poetry edited by Nyla Matuk 

“I read more poetry in 2021 than I did in any previous year, and one book I loved in particular was Resisting Canada — a beautiful anthology that celebrates poetry as political ag

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